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Some of our accomplishments


  • Developed strategy for client to purchase a financially strapped and delinquent customer. By utilizing government programs, the client was able to obtain a manufacturing company and recover 50% of his otherwise uncollectable account balance.
  • Prepared business plans and secured venture capital for start-up company.
  • Negotiated financing with banks and vendors, including increases in credit during periods of decreasing orders. 


  • Provided tax research and prepared federal and state tax provisions for $200,000,000+ (annual sales) publicly held company.
  • Restructured closely held corporation resulting in future tax savings greater than $100,000 for the owner.

General business and management 

  • Lead negotiations and provided supporting analyses in the sale of several mid-sized companies.
  • Implemented plan to speed the collection of accounts receivable, resulting in increased cash flow.
  • Formulated procedures for identification and disposition of excess and obsolete inventory, as well as management of inventories through the purchasing function.
  • Initiated the use of JIT ("just in time") inventory management concepts. This involved the coordination of lead times, minimum order quantities, manufacturing allocations and inventory levels.
  • Implemented inventory cycle count procedures, eliminating the need for a year end physical inventory count.
  • Developed requirements for financial and accounting positions, wrote newspaper advertisements, reviewed resumes and interviewed candidates. Positions ranged from clerical to Controller.
  • Initiated and coordinated hardware and software upgrades of various computer systems.


  • Identified major weaknesses in corporate strategic plan and developed alternatives. Successfully implemented one of those alternate plans.
  • Developed expansion plans for a satellite operation for greater profitability.
  • Facilitated strategic planning sessions for owners of mid-size businesses ($2,000,000 to $20,000,000 annual sales).

Manufacturing costs 

  • Implemented an automated manufacturing cost system and developed procedures, internal controls, reporting, staffing, etc. for a mid-sized manufacturer.
  • Produced a multi-dimensional spreadsheet model to calculate product cost and pricing guidelines. It included material, labor and overhead costs as well as planned efficiency variances, returns (resold, reworked or scrapped), precious metal increments, etc.
  • Developed labor and overhead rates to ensure full absorption and valid price analyses


  • Examined effect of domestic manufacturer’s potential investment in foreign manufacturing capacity. Included manufacturing asset utilization, changes in market share, customer service, income, return on investment and cash flow.
  • Prepared comprehensive business analysis that identified organizational weaknesses and made recommendations for changes to that organizational structure. Also directed the changes, resulting in a significant increase in administrative efficiency and morale among exempt and non-exempt employees.
  • Evaluated operation of a large marina and identified areas of control weakness and mismanagement. Developed comprehensive plan that addressed the issues and resulted in a fundamental change in the nature of the operation.
  • Prepared analyses on shifting manufacturing volume from the United States to Europe.
  • Performed feasibility study of expanding operations of Puerto Rican subsidiary.

Reporting and procedures 

  • Coordinated financial audit of $200,000,000+ (annual sales) publicly held company and was the liaison between the independent audit staff and the company's financial personnel.
  • Performed a control review and documented major operational systems of $40,000,000+ (annual sales) manufacturing subsidiary of $200,000,000+ (annual sales) publicly held company.
  • Reviewed and evaluated financial systems of European subsidiaries.
  • Established monthly financial and budget reporting at the departmental level, including procedures for the proper accounting of construction in progress for open contracts.
  • Developed and implemented comprehensive purchasing policies, business expense reporting policies and damaged goods policies.
  • Administered internal audit of company-wide physical inventories covering four plant facilities.
  • Developed financial controls for retail warehouse sales.